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Our designs are inspired by the intensity and characteristic light of the Mediterranean. An aesthetic sense of the passion and charm that a home should have. For us, design is where science and art come together. This is exactly what we try to portray in our furniture.


With over 25 years of experience manufacturing high-quality designer furniture, GRUPO SEYS has grown to become one of the largest European manufacturers of natural wooden furniture, spreading sales worldwide with an after-sales service known for its efficiency and the satisfaction of our customers.

It is therefore obvious that we talk about furniture in our corporate philosophy, because our passion for furniture is what has led us up to this point. Furniture made of authentic and natural wood should convey peace, life and serenity to each and every moment we live in our home.  Because of all of this, for us, furniture is the means to the end of our great daily effort. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to endow the furniture we dream about and that will become part of your home.

If we must define the style of our furniture, we might say that it is an “updated traditional” or “Mediterranean traditional” style. In GRUPO SEYS we have always endeavored to follow up a sense of corporate continuity. In other words, we want to be recognized and identified as company through our furniture. Due to all of this, we are constantly searching how to innovate within our own tradition and not allow ourselves to be carried away by passing fads.

When people select one of our pieces of furniture, they are choosing much more than just design. They are acquiring personality, character and style, as each and every one of our designs goes far beyond pre-designed formulas that create cloned, anodyne spaces with an appearance of imported design. They are also hedging on elegance, tradition, warmth, comfort; taste for renewing classics and for quality materials.  All this has to be contextualized in a contemporary and functional space, a space that better suits and defines the identity of each person.